Friday, November 14, 2008

Salisbury House

Last night the Central Iowa IEEE chapter had their annual meeting at the Salisbury House. IEEE got one of the electricians who worked on the house restoration to give a tour. We got to see parts of the Salisbury house you don't normally get to tour. It was an impressive job. The Salisbury house has a lot of concrete, so outfitting the place with sprinklers, an alarm system, security cameras, and modern wiring was no easy task. They did a good job, in the places where the restoration is complete, you don't really notice their work.

The Salisbury House is a worth-while stop for anyone in the Des Moines area. If you haven't been there in a few years, it is worth checking out the restoration work.

While I'd like to have a house like that, there is no way I could afford their $12,000 per month heating bill in the winter.