Saturday, October 25, 2008

Excellent Logitech Harmony Customer Service

A few months ago we bought a Logitech Harmony 670 Remote. We had an older Harmony remote before this, and really liked it.

Unfortunately the new remote stopped working properly after about a month. About four of the buttons failed to do anything at all.

After having me go though several reasonable attempts at trying to fix the remote, the tech support individual concluded it was a bad unit, and had a new one shipped out to me. I was surprised, good customer service is hard to come by.

So not only do I recommend the Logitech Harmony 670 Remote, I'll also recommend them for their customer support. Well done Logitech!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ballooning Photos

Several years back, I got camera-happy at one of the National Balloon Classic events. This was before digital cameras were popular. The cost of the film and printing was over $200. But the real issue was, what do I do with all those photos?

Well, that question is easier to answer today. Not only has digital photography made taking photos cheaper, it has also opened up great ways to share the photos. You can create slide shows, like a relative of mine did with photos from the 2008 National Balloon Classic. You can see them here. I've also gotten a book created by Shutterfly with these photos. Shutterfly allows you to create a very high-quality book with your photos. And of course, sites like flickr, pbase, and picasa easily allow sharing photos on-line.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Hobbit

Today our family went to see The Hobbit, a play put on at The Des Moines Playhouse. As usual, it was a good production. I really liked the stage construction, particularly with the dragon. The acting was well done too.

The KG Children's Theater does a really good job. For many years I thought they put on some lame puppet shows or something. Quite the contrary, they put a massive amount of work into it. I highly recommend their plays, even if you aren't a kid anymore.