Thursday, December 13, 2007

Testing out the sensors

Last night I dropped by my friends and We managed to do the following:
  • Program the Freescale development board (started with a blinking LED)
  • Created a program to adjust a lightbar based on the amount of light hitting the board.
  • Adjusted the board to the program work with a gyro. So as you rotate the gyro, it can tell how fast you are doing it.
  • Adjusted the program to work with the inertia sensor. So as you change direction, the board can tell
  • Adjusted the program to work with a sonar, so it can measure distance.
I'm worried about how sensitive the gyro will be to a helicopter's vibrations. The sonar seems a bit flaky. Both will probably require some programming to dampen things out. The gyro might be able to be mounted with some shock absorbers.