Thursday, November 8, 2007

New gadgets

Today I upgraded my DirecTV receiver to an H20 model, along with a dish upgrade. This was supposed to give me 70+ HDTV channels, but I only had the ones I got with my old receiver. After a short time with customer service, I was up and running. Kudos to their customer service on this call.

I also ordered an RC helicopter from hobby-lobby. I got the following e-mail:

You have been sent 0 package(s) via the tracking number(s) is/are . If the number of packages is zero 0 then the item(s) is/are on back order and will be shipped when it is available.

"If the number is zero, it is on backorder?" Come on, can't you go through the effort of an 'if' statement and just tell me it is on back order? It is also rather confusing to read, "tracking number(s) is/are ." Ugh, must have been a very lazy programmer.